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I create media that gets your message across effectively.

Communicate well with customers, staff, and possibly aliens too. I create media used in marketing, social media, publishing, and by managers who need proposals and presentations. I work with a competent team that delivers a personalized service, and support projects with sound storytelling or visual techniques, or business principles.

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Stylish ad’s, corporate & instructional videos in live-action or animation. I use tested marketing principles & industry-standard storytelling techniques to make them memorable. Videos are broadcast-quality, usually completed within 2 weeks, & are affordable.


Clear & engaging content for websites, marketing & business. These include business brochures & profiles, proposals & presentations, or instructional content. Backed by a broad-range of industry experience, and comes with a turnkey printing service.


Emotionally engaging & visually appealing social media graphics, ad’s, signage, infographics, logo’s & more. Specialty solutions like book cover & package designs also available.


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Featured Projects

Mobile Phone Promo – ME Indaba

Dropping the cost of media at an industry exhibition.
While video is now the standard way to consume media, people
Doing a cameo in one of my videos for SEIFSA PIPS

A Day In The Life Of An Economist

A quirky ad to market a nerdy product.
By the time I attended the Metals & Engineering Indaba a

Animating Common Sense

Strategic management chunked down to a simple animation.

You and I

A very personal corporate gift
I sat up in bed, stared into the dark, then wrote

Starde Print Ad

Business, Pictures
This new and vibrant brand was challenged to gain penetration in
SEIFSA Corporate Video

SEIFSA Corporate Video

Lessons were learnt here!
Lesson’s were learnt in the making of this video, and what
Members of the NUMSA march through the Durban central business district

MEINDABA 2017 Intro Video

An energetic opening video to an industry event.
If you were sitting at a pretty serious industry conference about
SEIFSA Awards for Excellence 2017. Image courtesy of

SEIFSA Awards For Excellence 2017

Event promotional and report videos
I’m a big fan of compounded creativity. Talented artists in the

Corporate Value Systems

An inspirational HR value system to govern employees.

Zimbabwe Institute of Management

A speech written to address leadership challenges in Africa.

Sebata Group Newsletters

Internal staff newsletter for the group's 5 companies.

Business Packs

Creative organization for businesses.

Saltwater Girl Magazine

Waxing lyrical about ear wax!

The 5 Cent Rant

Political opinion published by The Thinker.

Possessed by a Jinni

True life story published in Paranormal Magazine.

Real World Women

Storytelling to profile a leader.

Discover your values

Feature-style website content writing.

Sasol New Signatures

The Sasol Signatures submission

99 Names

Oil on canvas commission.
The crazy ideas I had in my portfolio were just not


A journey into outer faith.

3-Dimensional Mixed-Media

Mixed-media 3-Dimensional art.

Yesterdays vision is today

Corporate formality meets African soul.

Looking at the sun

A desert scene to tell a personal story.
Looking directly at the sun can blind you but sometimes people


See a range of creative work produced for designers, publishers, business & regular folks…

3-Step Creative Process

Using this simple process, I systematically arrive at the creative assets that you intend to have developed for your business or marketing objectives.

    I consult with you to capture your objectives then develop some creative concepts you can choose from to achieve those aims.
    I take full responsibility for the production of your media assets and present you with a final draft.
    Any revisions you may have are incorporated into the asset and you receive final delivery of the product in the formats you require.

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