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While video is now the standard way to consume media, people don’t always watch the full video. Instead, they tend to scan the first 30 seconds, and if the content doesn’t hold their attention they switch to another. As a result, videos are getting shorter, and that means curtailing the messages in a video to bite-sizes. The challenge for marketers then is to be precise in their messaging, but that often means producing a volume of short videos to get their messages across. Everyone, however, doesn’t have a budget for volume as video production is still generally quite expensive.

Enter mobile phone videos!

It’s a guerrilla marketing method of video production. In this one, I shot clips of the exhibition using a Huawei P9 Lite mobile phone. It’s pretty much a mid-range phone with a basic camera but, if you plan how to use the clips to serve a broader marketing objective, you can still get your message across effectively. With some efficient editing and sound choices for audio, you can still get a great video to market your business at a fraction of the full production cost.

This video wasn’t made for a client. I made it to showcase one of my biggest projects- an entire exhibition with all the marketing materials designed for exhibitors so that they simply walk in and start doing business. Their stand artwork, brochures, business cards and videos were made for them, and approved, before the Metals and Engineering Indaba began. It was hosted by the industry federation, and the exhibition showcased state-owned organizations like the CSIR, large financial institutions like Rand Mutual, and SMME businesses.

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Mobile Phone Promo - ME Indaba - White Tea Studios
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