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The purpose of these newsletters was to keep everyone in HQ informed about the activities of other divisions to improve the customer satisfaction rate.

It worked well to build relationships across the organization and, after compiling a few, some of the staff looked to me to make them famous, a.k.a feature them to advance their career goals. Needless to say, they worked harder too and the newsletter was effective when benchmarked against it’s purpose.

This is one of several created for about 120 in-house staff and probably 100 more out in the field. One was sent every month by email and a print version was distributed to site offices nationally, to customers, etc.

I don’t envy people who make magazines as a good newsletter takes time. Like this one, strategic prep up-front to templatize each issue is critical. I also prefer to get organized about the writing using editorial calendars so it all rolls off the press on time and, for picture curation, I usually go the royalty-free route to save my clients money.

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