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Infographics & business


Spinning a business brand requires the combination of visual, text, online and print artifacts. Together they present your business as the ‘go-to-guy’ for whatever value proposition you have on offer. The relationship you maintain with your customers, suppliers and others all contribute to a your bottom line and that’s why presenting yourself well matters. It’s more than just looking professional, it’s part of your value package. Ultimately all marketing must translate to either a product, brand or financial benefit or else it doesn’t justify the cost or effort. So I rarely ever approach business imagery and communications without a broader perspective of the business challenge.

Logo's & Business


Admittedly, these examples aren’t the most exciting designs but they do show a variety of business tools created to tie into the business’s value proposition. They create credibility, for instance, by working industry accreditation’s into the design, respect the legalities, or speak to the target market using relevant imagery, design motifs and colours. They have style guides behind them, some of which were developed by specialists, along with print guidelines so the whole marketing machine is well-organized to save time. While I understand that getting novel with design gets significant attention, I don’t usually get too fancy with business communications unless the brand calls for it. Straightforward administration, I’ve found, creates trust in business and novelty is a factor dependent on target market. So I approach the design challenge with a consistency-mindset instead.

Print &


Most of my business customers simply hire me to ‘sort the whole marketing thing out’ as I have established print, online and other strategic relationships to get the job done. And that includes signage. After we discuss your business over a cuppa and I get a thorough understanding of how you want to communicate your value proposition, I translate that into visual and other design elements that speak to your customers, staff, etc. in the context they’re receiving that information. For me it’s all about the artwork carrying the business process for you so you save time and money. In my experience, management has enough day-to-day issues to solve already.

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