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Final Artwork-CMYK

When Janet was appointed Marketing Manager of SEIFSA, she came with a sense of purpose. After this picture was done and we were marking out the hanging, she looked at the wall curiously for a few moments and decided right there and then to paint it a dark charcoal. It was just the right note to bring out the midtones and brights this picture is built on and transform the boardroom from formal to business team.

Besides, this was a room where men have led the steel industry for a generation now. Located in Johannesburg city, it is Jo’burg city. To show that commitment I think was why this picture was chosen from others that I sketched for them in the portfolio.

In this picture the photographic present (by Naeem Mayet) in the landscape of Johannesburg being preceded by a sketchy past (and really, no pun intended there!) serves as a metaphor for change. Whether the now is the past or present is irrelevant, it’s still changing. Drop in sepia to balance the saturation and you’ve got a historical wet dream!

It was taken atop Carlton Centre, Africa’s tallest building and is printed on Picasso canvas, which has a stark white primer to reflect the colour variety. The effect on the audience’s eyes is jumping to connect the distributed colour and you’ll end up looking at this picture for a long time even though it’s doesn’t have rock-star personality.

And that’s the point. A picture that inspires you to look deep and search for clarity is valuable in a boardroom where influential decisions are made.

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