The low-down on Africa


This speech given to the Zimbabwe Institute of Management at their annual conference in Harare was given by CEO of the Sebata Group with whom I’ve worked extensively.

Adapting ‘correct’ writing for his conversational style, this speech foreshadows the personal challenges African’s have in a global marketplace by illustrating the failures the speaker himself had to overcome in business. Lesson-by-lesson it breaks down the business playing field to give context to why the African mindset is at the centre of many leadership challenges.

In practice the running time here is about 15 minutes, given the average 130 words per minute in speech time. He did business in Zim thereafter so I believe him when he told me it hit the nail on the head. But I don’t think that would’ve happened if we didn’t rid ourselves of the Queen’s English to speak to Zimbabweans rather as fellow Africans.

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