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Close the deal with a winning proposal that clearly illustrates the value you have on offer, how you will deliver it, your pricing structure, and certifications or project experience that give your proposal credibility. Writing is targeted to those you submit to, and is formatted according to tender bid or any other conventions required. Rate includes all written content and graphics so you get a final proposal to review and submit. You simply direct the process according to how you want to sell. All content is produced from online meetings to develop your proposal. See more details in the full description below.

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Proposal Sessions

Proposal writing begins with a 1 hour strategic session. The session defines clear objectives for the proposal and what action you’d like your audience to take at the end, e.g sign-up, close the deal, etc. The content of your proposal is then systematically structured to lead to that action, and any information to support your capabilities and credibility is built into the proposal to maximize your chances of success. This information will be collected during the session.

The session covers your value proposition and what differentiates you from your competitors so you’re profiled well. It also addresses objections to your proposal and points to include to gain credibility with partners, funders and other stakeholders. The strategy will also consider any financials to be included in the proposal and, to make sure it’s all presented professionally, you’ll get a proposal structure to tell what section to write where.

The session is suitable for business owners and business development executives. Sessions in various locations in Johannesburg (ZA) or via Skype. Have a look at business items in my portfolio for examples.



The output of the session is a PDF document that you will review and submit to customers, strategic partners, etc. The proposal will contain your company branding in the header, and may contain pictures, graphs, text, or other media necessary to get your idea across effectively. Note that you will have to supply any graphic or video assets for the proposal, or they can optionally be made for you.


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