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You and I

I sat up in bed, stared into the dark, then wrote this on my phone. The idea was percolating all day in my mind, but wouldn’t realize because the concept I was given was trying to make too big an impression to the critical eyes that attend the annual ‘Proudly South African’ exhibition. I don’t like over-selling because it’s a poor reflection of value. Especially when it comes to brand, tooting your horn too loudly only comes across as smug and, instead of showing Dilano’s genuine skill with glass as the output of a smart alec, I thought I’d rather let people into the creative process as something that’s familiar to all of us. That’s a sincere impression of the hand-made value the Dilano brand has on offer. Besides it fitted well with the poetry format they wanted.

Included in the design instructions were to print a black serif typeset on good quality ivory paper so the look and feel was Cotillion, so the delegates who received this hand-made corporate gift would really feel like they received a personal one, like a debutante being introduced at the Cotillion ball is very personal.

Well that’s up-selling! The gift this poem was wrapped around was a hand-made glass paper weight. I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of it while convening with some of the other talent at the show but, who knows, maybe you’ll spot it on someone’s desk. Then you can ask them how the ball was!

Not bad for 5 minutes of work!

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