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Initiated by my True Father

Book blurb and sales copy. Includes author profile.

There is a secret hidden in the mountains that loom over the Last Generation Church. It was there that Prophet Akpan once disappeared as an ordinary man but returned a miracle worker. No one knows the source of Akpan’s power, but kings and presidents are among his congregation, and money flows through his church as strongly as the mighty river that runs through its estate. When the Prophet Akpan speaks, the bible in his hand comes to life.

But, even while the Brides of Christ sing Akpan’s praises and news of the prophet’s miracle is spread through the land by his young protégé Izibuko, rumours of midnight orgies and drug-running are zealously whispered about. Akpan’s most sincere disciple, Malachi, is quick to dismiss any connection to prostitution rings run by the mafia, but the eyes of the young girls and boys that follow Akpan continue to be glazed over with the mysterious secret of the mountain that only Akpan knows.

What really happened to Akpan up in the mountains, no one knows. Was he indeed initiated by the true spiritual father, as Moses was, or was Akpan’s innocent soul corrupted by the dark and malevolent magic of the Wise Brotherhood Society?

Read “Initiated By My Spiritual Father”. It’s as good as a spiritual cleansing.


About the author:

Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana bravely exposed the corruption of occult churches who use the bible to deceive. He is a renowned pastor himself, who began with a vision to emancipate people, but was unwittingly manipulated by the hidden hand that uses false prophecy and witchcraft in the upper echelons of the church. Ramabulana’s whistleblowing has been widely reported on and he is credited for doing the work that a pastor should. “Initiated by My Spiritual Father” is his uncensored personal account of the harrowing danger faced in pursuit of truth.


My African Dream

Book blurb and sales copy. Includes author profile.

When her parents get a divorce, Hope’s world suddenly turns upside-down. She is forced to move with her mother back to the township, where she finds her uncle Oscar is no longer the fun guy she had always loved. A long bout of unemployment had crippled him and, along with the depression that follows her mother, the new beginning that Hope was promised is all covered in dark clouds. And that’s the least of her problems. People already look at Hope strangely because of the discolouration on her face, and attending a new school with her rare skin condition really scares Hope.

She gathers her courage though when arriving at the township school that has been completely vandalized by a gang of students who intimidate everyone, including the teachers. Instead of books, they carry knives in their bags and, when Hope seeks Principal Letsaolo’s help in passing her impending matric exams, she discovers that it is the local drug lord Bra Biza who is actually in control of the school.

Either the township will break Hope, or she finds a way to matriculate and own her future. Deep down, the lost spirit of the rock, Imbokoda, rises within her, and what Hope does at her school creates a bright light in a hopeless world.


About the Author: Pastor Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana is renowned as an active member of his community. He campaigns against social ills like gangsterism, drugs and prostitution that are rife amidst the climate of desperation in poverty-stricken townships. He cares deeply for the children who grow up in such environments, and goes to great lengths to restore their dignity. An economically emancipated and educated youth is his vision, and “My African Dream” records the responsibility we have to our future.


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