MEINDABA 2017 Intro Video

If you were sitting at a pretty serious industry conference about to spend the next two days debating furiously, the last thing you need is more talk. That’s why this video is built on energetic visuals and sound. It uses those senses to stoke up emotions and get people to participate…like a political speech.

And so the conversation also packs in all the necessary information you need, foreshadows the hot topics being debated and some of the key personalities in attendance. Inserted cleverly are also a few credibility statements which I thought fitting to plug the organization who threw the Metals and Engineering Indaba 2017 in Johannesburg without shouting ‘we did it!’

Altogether I was creatively going for a directorial style that had all the finesse of an Apple event, big and bold.

That choice was designed to appeal to the younger CEO’s and politicians who were taking reigns from their industry elders. They were the ones crafting a new future, and likely to need SEIFSA’s help along the way. I wanted them to feel comfortable, and so the the music and visuals were all selected to match what you’d find on popular radio and TV. It was a creative way to develop familiarity between SEIFSA and potential partners, customers, etc.

The first video alongside isn’t the final render. I was sad to switch the soundtrack for something more corporate and didn’t quite like how the speeches interrupted flow. But they were necessary from the customer’s perspective and provided a contrast to the otherwise very energetic presentation. All the same, the video did it’s work at the event. The one used there is the second one.

I suppose you can decide for yourself which one you like better.


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MEINDABA 2017 Intro Video - White Tea Studios
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