Raw and real. Many women will relate.

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Painful, yet so compelling.

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Captivating and spellbinding.

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The true story of an ordinary woman who found saffron pastures at the heart of an abusive past.

Life sucks when you're ...

Life sucks when you’re a mop. Used and abused, Mumtaz stuffed her face at every opportunity to forget that she didn’t even know why she felt like dirt. It made a victim of her, and the only hope on offer was continuing to validate herself by being everyone else’s mop. 

Believe it or not, that despair was a gift that catapulted Mumtaz back in time, and on a journey that spanned three generations of women in her family who too had suffered the cyclical pain of prejudice and denial. To finally stop it, Mumtaz confronted a deep and dark secret.

This is the story of how Mumtaz became a mop, and rose from the dirt to become who she was always meant to be.


"Band-aid's can't heal the scars inside of us."

Mumtaz Mahal Suliman is an activist against gender-based violence and founder of “No To Gossip”, a campaign that champions empathy and support for abused woman. After teaching English and History for two decades, she started a business and was recently awarded Business Woman of the Year at the Top Carpets franchise. She is a mother and grandmother, qualified reiki and healing practitioner, author, and above all, a woman.

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