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Welcome to the Beta Reading Program!

You will be enjoying a work of fiction that takes approximately 25 minutes of reading time per chapter.

Your views are helpful to gauge the entertainment value of the book, so feel free to express your opinions as the survey is completely anonymous.

The programme will be closed on 31 October 2019.

For any queries regarding this programme, please contact me here.


Amina likes dogs more than people. She hates people actually, especially her husband, Anwar, who poisoned the kids against her, and then drags her to a remote farmstead in Hekport. It’s the middle of nowhere. There, a mystic claims that her stubborn streak is a bout of episodes caused by a vicious jinn who wants to steal her away from her loving family. The good news is that Amina can be fixed if she takes a whiff of some magical concoction but, if she doesn’t, she’ll never see her kids again.

Between a controlling husband, a talking dog, and an adoring young magical apprentice, Amina can’t decide whether everyone else is crazy, or it’s her that’s losing her mind. She just desperately wants to get the hell off that farm and see her kids again.

1 Minute Reader Survey

Please answer the following questions to begin reading.

Fuck or Flight Beta Reading Program | White Tea Studios
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