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You probably don’t give a damn about Cradle Coffee being hand-roasted by baristas to deliver a potent and creamy cup every time. You’re not to blame. The cannabis oil that they roast this coffee with is far more interesting. Word on the street is that it can give you a glowing skin for ten bucks a cup, but who cares about that, right?


Here are the benefits you’re really looking for:

  • Helps you see things

  • Feel intellectual

  • Appetite enhancer

  • Relieves thinking about being calm

  • Can be used while ubering

  • Makes things funny

Just kidding! Cannabidiol Oil (CBD) has many real benefits that include relief from chronic pain, anxiety, allergies or asthma. It can help you to sleep and is used by cancer, Parkinsons and Alzheimer patients. Read more about CBD Oil on Medical News Today.


Come Back Abayomi

The xenophobia is not far-fetched.


Intriguing storyline with glimpses into the grittier side of Johannesburg.


Suspenseful book with interesting characters & an authentic African feel.



An African Thriller.

Abayomi is sexy but authentic African woman that no one dares to mess with. She leaves Lagos for Johannesburg on a diplomatic mission, but gets abducted in a surprise xenophobic attack. Definitely the wrong time to fall in love, then again she’s a woman with her own mind. This adventure through historic Johannesburg finds hot-shot lawyer Abayomi tangled in a conspiracy of political big-wigs, priests and immigrant children while her sixth sense keeps saying that the beast who kidnapped her is really a man. To trust her instincts or not, that’s the question?



Yousuf Tilly is the author 4 books and had a short film screened at the cinema. 

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